Can a Faulty Catalytic Converter Cause Check Engine Light?

October 23rd, 2017 by


A failing catalytic converter in your car can lead to increased emissions, and this might land you into problems with law enforcement agencies. The main function of the catalytic converter is to minimize the amount of exhaust gases from your car by converting carbon monoxide into harmless emissions. Some of the most notable signs of a faulty catalytic converter include;

  1. Acceleration challenges
  2. A significant decrease in gas mileage
  3. An increase in harmful emissions

A faulty catalytic converter will trigger a check engine light. In addition, deteriorated spark plugs or a broken oxygen sensor can make your catalytic converter to fail. It becomes difficult to keep your car running if you take a lot of time before replacing a faulty catalytic converter.

It is also important to fix this problem as soon as possible as it can end up affecting your mileage. In addition, you need the services of an experienced mechanic to fix the problem for you because it requires a high level of expertise.

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