Questions to Consider When Buying or Leasing

October 3rd, 2017 by

Leasing or buying a vehicle is a choice that consumers should make with the right kind of information. However, it can start by considering the following questions.

  1. How far do you drive in a day, month, or year? Standard lease contracts allow for 12,000 to 36,000 miles of driving time, with a typical lease lasting three years.
  2. Do you use your vehicle for travel, business, or simply pleasure? Some people use their vehicle to impress clients. If so, it is possible to write this off on your tax returns. Always check with your accountant to clarify things.
  3. Do you like keeping your vehicle spotless? A three-year lease offers plenty of time and opportunities to spill liquids and acquire dings and scuffs. While leasing allows for average wear and tear, average can become notable damage.
  4. If you like customizing your vehicle, buying might be the route to take.

There is a lot to consider. Call our dealership center, or visit, and get more information about the merits of leasing or buying your next vehicle.

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