Ram ProMaster: the Small Business Dream Ride

December 12th, 2016 by

We have a selection of the Ram ProMaster vans here at our dealership, and they are not to be believed.

It is as if Ram took a survey of every business owner in America and then merged their ideas into one van. So, if you ever had a bright idea about what needed to be included on a work van, you’ll find that these vehicles more than likely have it.

There sure is an awful lot to love about this beautiful bad boy: large side mirrors provide increased visibility; a rearview camera helps one get into and out of even the tightest parking spots; rear doors that fold down flat; a cargo bay that’s tall enough for standing; customizable shelving can be built right into the Ram’s interior.

Be sure to watch the embedded video to learn a bit more about the Ram ProMaster. And then, when you’re ready to try one out yourself, head on over to our dealership.

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